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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  March 4, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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this is total devassatioo - - i've lived ere 22 years((more vo))the areas hardest hit, the families torn apart ... and how they're are pickinggup the pieces. p(vytas)) --------------------------- ((take vo))stealing from the the worst thing ever((more vo))- how the yoong girls are fighting back against the thieves. -------------------------- ((take nats))((more vo)) competing for a spot on the ravens cheerleading squad.the men and women hoping to win over the judges.
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i'm jeeniferrgilbert.... we're following breaking news out of northeast baltimore tonightt homicidd detectives are investigating the murder of a hours after she disappeared. she was found off cliftview avenue late this afttrnoon. melinda rooder is live from the scene where her brother found the body...melinda? roll to pkg: brother who foond her body
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our other big story.part of our nation--- picking up the pieces tonight.about 100 reported tornadoes..... ravaging small owws on friday. the death toll, now at 39.most of the eaths in indiana and kentucky.and toniggt.... word tragedy. in indiana, a tornado's path of destruction destroyed trees and homes, emolished henryville high school -- and ripped apart school buses. a news crew captured this tornado as it struck. p water and power has beee
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restored hhre in henryville... but thousands of people in the midwest and south.... are cleaaing the dark. adams says: ""his is total devastation i've lived here 28 ears i've never seen devastating."young says: "people are helpinggout andd helping their neighbors that's what 've been most strrck by." aerial footage shows across three counties.indiana governor mitch aniels, promising state assistanne.... had a direct message for people who lost everything. daniels says: "we love you.... we are with you. and if t isn't obvious enough... it's not just governmmnt these are your neighbors herr to help." residents in madison countyyalabama, learn the naaional weather service has upgraded the tornado there from an ef 2 to an ef3. at 140 miles per hour.leaving some homes uutouched.... and ssys: everybody's came by
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here while we're trying to salvage wwat we cann comeeby giving fooo, giving water, you know people's good god is good."bell says: "you know, maybe it's because we faced so manhy of these. but it a rallying point. people pulll together and help ach other and work together there's a real spirii of unity." eversole:"i'm a guy wwo's a christian; the good lord was with me, and i'm lad to be a life i couldn't."and sad news late ttday.... 15 month found injured alone in a s kentucky field... has died.she had been the sole surivivor of a tornado that ripped through her homee and killed her chief meterologist vytas is stading by in the skywatchh forecast center and pinpoints where those tornadoes touchdown. and tells us about the other maaor concern for many already hit hard. & city.4 people shot overnight.e -
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arrund 9 last night when a ed - person was gunned down on south east avenue and pratt &pwere two more shootings:you can see on this map how close these are together. one on potomaccand fleet streett. aad another on north gay and ond and in northeast baltimore. a killed around 2:30 this morning. investigators say terrence joyner was shot after an altercationnat a 7-11 on marble hall roaddand east cold spring lane. police found wounds to his chest.he was rushed to the hospptal...where &phe died.police are interviewiig ssveral people, hoping to find out who killee him. and in west baltimore....a man ps stabbed several times. the hollins house apartments on west baltimore can see officers on the scene....canvasing the area.
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arrrved, they ffund the ey & victim bleeding in the street with stab wounds over most of his body.police are till searching for suspects in thhs stabbing, and those shootings. and five people re stabbed in harford county.... it happened here in edgewood o meadwood pourttearly this morningg that all the victims were ars - tarreted. the five men are in the hospital tonight.... they're expected to survive. anyone with information is county sheriff's offiie. ord honoring thh life f a five mine"dozens sang songs and said prayers last niggt outsiie of ashburton baltimore to remember 5 yeaa old mya carr. mya was found dead monday ight inside her fathers home on callaway avenue.poliie say herrfather matthew carr beat her to death becauue she soiled her pants.
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friends and amily----reacting to her senseless act. ""shessonly five years old and she didnt deserve to die like that"/white flash...he did really, really mad"ongg"i was with irst degree murder, and child abuse aausing resultiig in the death of his daughter. stees are being taaen in baltimore city to protect immigrants from discrimination...even if they're illeggl.janice park tells us...mayor stephhnie rawlings-blake issued ann executive the hopes victims feel safe talking too police. in a city where the homiccde and witnesses to stay in the s - shadows, out of feer.even if "it's just a clarificationnof our current pooicy, which is not to inquire abouttthe citzenship parttcularly those calling for help, we want to make sure thaa the policc is there tooprooect everyone in
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the city" the mayor's executive order means police officers can't ask about a peron's citizennhip status. last week, us immmgratton and it would ake on the burden... - of policing illegal immiirants in will now be up to federal authorities to check the immigration status of "for years now, the baltimooe taken the tance thaa their job is o find and capture criminials...and not to determine someone's status" order is being lauded by a -3 baltimore's hispaaic leaders: ((take sot))"and very good for want toofeel like a part of baltimore and help our communiiy grow" (((ake sot)) "tte city already has a like mexiccn mafia and ms13 and she's just making them
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ssronger, they lovv this, they loveethat the mayor is asking police to look the other way" but some lawmakers like delegate pat mcdonough say the move will only incite more a city that doesn't need anymore violence.janice park...fox45 neww at ten. anne arundel county executive john leopold is innicted on charges of misconduct in officee office.on friday an anne aruudel county grand jury handed down the indictmentton five separate charges. it accuses leopold of ordering &phis security team to drive hi to area parking lots where he engaged in sex with aacoonty employee.the indictment also accuses leopold of using on-duty offiiees to distribute caapaign materials and do his pprsonal bankiig.and it says that after leopold was released from the hospital..... he ordered officers to empty his catterer bag. leopold insists the indictment doesn'tttell the (10:59) (leopoldd "i think its my responsiblity to the citizens of this county
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to know there's anothee side to this stooy and i want them to hear it."//butt to// (11:21) (leopold) "i have enormous confiddnce in our side of thh story.....i really " do."state proseectors say the abuses cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in olice overtime. as for leopold, there's no indication tonight that he'll be sttppinn down while he fights these charges. if you want to see our entire interview wwth county executive leopoldd uncut and unedited, go to our website fox baltimore dot com and click on our raw news link. &pfollowing his elevation ceremony by pope benndict ... edwin o'brien returned to baltimore for his first mass as cardinal. -mass nats- parishioners filled the pews queen in a celebratory mass in his honor. the ardinal says his new position issa big responsibility ann will be a big adjustmentt "it's kinddof an end and a beginnningg its the end of my
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service here in baltimore and wheneeer my replacementtis named and installed i'll move to rome. " (tc: 22:55:03) //butt to//"this is kind of the icing on the cake, celebrating my elevation with my people here in baltimmree ((( 22:40:10))) 22:40:10)))cardinal o'brien is the fourth leader of the archdiocese offbaltimore to become a cardinal.his new position will promote christianity in jerusulem. a big boost for mitt romney. phe promonent house republican now backing the presidential hopeful. nats- searching for the raven's newest cheerleaders the men and women who hope to have a place on the sqauad.
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in the tight race for the g-o-p presidential nomination....mitt romney gets a boost today....from the second ranking hhuse republican. peter doocy tells ps who's endorsing who in the republican presidentiil race-- and revealinggsome popular names that may surprise ou. youu 3 &p3doocy says: "the number two republican in thh house. majority leader eric cantor picked governor romney as his number one choiie for pressdent today. and here's why. "cantor says: "that's the central issue of this campaign. mitt romney's the only man in the race who's accually created jobs."
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oklahomaasenator tom coburn lined up behind rrmney today too because he says he's served with the other candidatee and too often they've - quote - diiplayed political expediency rather cantor and coburn have ácompanyá n congress when it &pcomes to backing romney. 16 u-s senators ncluding 2008 nominee john mccain have done the same. the only other candidate with any support there is conggessman paul, whoois backed by his son, kentucky senator rand paul. over in he house, 67 members have endorsed mitt. gingrich has one-sixth as many. santorum and paul combined only have half aa dozen. at the state level, new jersey's chris christie is one of the ten goverrors supporting romney. gingrich has texas govvrnor rick perry on his side. but áromnnyá is also leaaing theeppck with the presidents. he's got one.. former president george h-w bush. cindy crawford s also in his corner. gingrich boosts odd palin and chuck norris. santorum's got
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iowa'' secretary of state and the ddggar family, which might help in the popular vote. and ron paul has former governnr jesse ventura and snoop dogg. doocy says: "speaker of the house boehner, senate minnrity leader mcconnell and former president george w bush are all still on the sidelines. in washington, frrday's settlement by b-p.... is ggod news or more than 100- thousand peeple who filed suit over the disasteeouu 2010 oil s. spill.b-p has agreed to pay at least 7-point-8 billion dollars to fisherman who lost work, cleanup workees who got sick, and others who claimed they were harmed by the deep water horizon il spill. still, one parish president says.... the oodeal is far we're still having ...lafitte, graad iileeand plaquemines parish still hassoil washhng up. as this things play out, we've goo to make sure there's enough money to take care of those problems. the settlement also includes monntoring for health concerns... and paaouts for
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proven health proobems rrlated to the spill. 3out of nowherr he just took the whole boo of monny that we had, jumped in the car. steelinggfrom the girl scouts. the messagg the young victtms have for the culprit and how they're fighting back. &p 3 3 3
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3 3who steals from a girl scout?? i mean seriously, that'' the worst thing ever. &pever.girl scouts the young victims fooght back and their message for the culprits who got away with lava takes out the last
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house standing in a community until yesterday jack thompson's home was the sole survivor after years of eruptions by the nearby kilauea volcano. he said he hoped he would get lucky again--but waa forred to evacuate on friday. tin roof and aawaterrtank are the only remaining parts of his hooe. a exas girl scout troop ii shaken up tonight ....aftee they were robbed in front of a walmart store. store.the troop was selling girl scout cookies when
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theives stole their money. police say a car pulled up, the passenger got out pretendinn to buy some cookies. instead he grabbed the cashbox with about 200 dollars inside and jumped back into the car. the girls didn't give up without a fight. . i started hitting the boy that was in the passeeger seat. so i think hh got...learned his lesson a little bit. and then they dragged my friend rachel across the street...driving off real fast. . that an over had just minor injuries. 3 a thrilling finish to senior day at college park...the missed call that had mark turgeon do this.... to one of his assistants...comiig up on sports unlimiied...
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hundreds fight for a spot on the ravens cheerleading squad. squad.-dancing natt- more than 150 men and omen were called back for round two of tryouts attthe downtown showed off their best moves to aa panel of judges. 90 of those competitors moved on...inching them one step closer to the final squad. the final rosterrwill be set on march 18th at the lyyic. there are 60 spots available.... 20 male cheerleaders, 40 female cheerleaders. 3 3 that's all for fox 45 news at 10... up next bruue cunnnngham haa the dramatic finish to ssnior day in college pprk... bruce... cooing up tonight on sports unlimited...2 grrat games featuring the terps...the men trying to win on senior day... the women loking for a record
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10th acc championship... championship... acc play is always intense... of baskeeball operations.... the greyhounds just one win away from the maac championship...see what lld to this tounge lashing from jimmy p....and if you've been to high schooll ame in the cityy you'veeprobabby seen im... story of a super fan...why he goessto so many games and his connection to a legendary boxer...spprts unlimited starts after this....
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